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<3 giving you my heart and soul.

Holy shit, I'm updating for the 934839 time tonight, but this made me feel so unbelievably good. ;D
SHANS6072: it started offtalking about that stephanie was upset for some reason (cause your away message...and i was worried and talking to him about it) and then it lead to everything last night. and he was like "i wasnt mad at you, just pissed a little at chrissy" and i was like "can you expalin to me again why you were exactly mad at her" and he was like "cause she made she made it feel like we couldnt hang out w/ you guys" and i go "dude...would you want to go hang out with two couples?" and hes like "she just made it seem like we couldnt hang out with" and i got into the big discussion about it and he ended up like chaging his reason why he was mad like 3 times, and finally he was like "im just pissed that she would stay with someone like that who would hurt her like that because i care about her and stuff"
SHANS6072: i thought it was really sweet, haha.
C dAWG xOx: that makes me feeel SOOO special lmao someone cares about me :-D
C dAWG xOx: can i put that on my lj?
SHANS6072: yeah sure
SHANS6072: but i care too! lmoa.
SHANS6072: lmao*
C dAWG xOx: :-D YAY
C dAWG xOx: lMAO YAY!!!

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