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Friends only. Friends cut.

Hey. It's been awhile since the last time I updated this journal, but oh well. This journal is going FRIENDS ONLY. What does that exactly does that mean for you, though? I'm cutting my friends list down to those that I actually want to read this and trust to read this. I am going to talk about people. I am going to talk about personal things in here. Oh well. Get over it if you get cut. It does not mean I hate you, dislike you, hold any sort of grudge against you or anything. It simply means that I do not want other people knowing about personal items that I will talk about in here.

Also, if you do happen to be allowed to stay on my friend's list even after the cut, that doesn't mean I won't cut you later. If I find out anybody has been spreading stuff that I write in here to other people, you will be cut. Even if I just suspect you are or will, I'll immediately cut you. Don't think I'm some sort of nazi or anything, I just don't want certain people reading this. I'm not being a bitch. I'm being nice. I will be a bitch when people I don't want reading this shit do. I'm not adding any people to my list that I don't know exactly who they are because I'm not stupid. I know people I don't want reading this can make a fake user name and ask to be added just to read it.

Why am I making this a friends only journal, anyway? It's simple. There's people reading this or people that could potentially read this that I don't want to read it. I'm not going to complain about that, either. I'm just going to do something about it. If it still happens after I do something about it? Hell yeah, I will complain. Why? The people I'm selecting to stay on this list are people I fully trust, and knowing that people I don't want reading this are means that I can't trust those people like I thought I could. There is also a few people that I know can't tell anyone what I say because they don't even know them or I just love reading THEIR journal, so they're staying.

So if your name is on the following list, you are REMAINING a friend. I would list the people I'm cutting, but there's more of those than not, so yeah. Again, don't take this personally. I still love you. Maybe. ;D (Note: The following exludes communities. This is simply for users only.)

__comet, conceals, heart_shape_box, izia_xo, klcore, lost_inadam, rolla00hockey, satinribbon, shot_down_love, xox_shans_xox, xtinyhunnix

If your name is not in the list above, remove me. I just deleted (roughly) around thirty-something people from my friends list, so don't think you're alone either.

I doubt I'll add anymore people to this list. I might, though... so you might as well try if you want to. If you think you were deleted unfairly, either IM me on cdawgxox or leave me a comment and we'll see. ;D

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