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could you love me?

I have not written much in this thing lately. I know this will sound lame, but it feels like my life is just this empty page waiting to be written on. We, as teenagers, look at the world around us and worry about growing up and getting old and dying -- at least I know I do -- but we have yet to realize that we have so many wonderful years ahead of us. I feel like I should be embracing this life more than I have been, and that is my inner goal. Today I was having a horrible day, and I kept taking it out on people and bitching, but then I started thinking, "how is my day going to get better if I just continue to make it negative?" so I started forcing myself to cheer up, and guess what happened? My day progressively brightened (after school was out, of course). Haha.

I got my hair lightened and darkened and I got it cut. Some layers I have are super short (as in, to my ears), but there wasn't much length cut off the overall part of my hair. I'm not sure if I like it darker underneath. We will have to see, haha.

This is such a horrible entry. I'm getting so frustrated with myself because I can't write as well as I used to be able to. I need to start doing writing exercises or something. Lawd. Haha. I'm going to find an outfit for tomorrow and then try writing more. Later.

xoxo, chrissy

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