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so kiss me. ;D

Okay, so I thought I'd update before I leave to go to Stephanie's house in a half-hour, lmao. Lordy. Please... if your name isn't mentioned below, don't take it seriously, alright? I love EVERYONE.

Tyler is honestly my best friend, lol. I just love how he gets me and he's a guy. When we're together, I can be fooling everyone with my smile, and he'll look at me once and just say, "What's wrong?" like he can read my mind or something. We just get each other. I remember Chelly telling me how annoying it was that he and I talked so much a like and that we acted the exact same, lmao. A lot of people have admitted that to me recently. I think it's funny, lmao. We rock. He's been my "rock" for so long. When I needed somebody, he was/is there. Ahhh. I love us, lmao. I honestly like how we bitch at each other for stupid things when we're together (I'm not talking about fights, I'm talking about complaining [which is mostly me, but he tends to sometimes too, lmao] to each other about ridiculous things) and we'll 'bicker' for a minute, and then we're all 'lovey-dovey' the next minute, lmao. I think it's hilarious. Good times.

Stephanie and I are so freaking close lately that it's amazing. She's the only girl that I trust with every little bit of information. I mean, I don't know. She and I are so much alike, lol. She and I bitch like crazy at each other one minute and the next we're laughing hysterically, totally forgetting about what just happened. It's like we have that sisterly bond, yanno? I don't know about her, but I love our friendship, lol. I love how she gets me. She actually cares about my feelings, haha. She just doesn't ditch me for stupid people and if our friendship was deteriorating (whoa, totally spelled wrong), she'd actually try to help it. -ahem- Haha. I LOVE MY FANNY.

Crystal is my girl, fa' sho'. LMAO. We just totally understand each other. It's like she and I are the same person, no joke. I remember when people would talk to her, they'd think that it was just me talking on two different screen names because we sound so much alike, haha. We like (almost) all the same things and everything. She's just a pimp... but I'm her pimp, of course, lmao. ;P She and I can fight so much (ahem, like blocking each other when we were young and immature, lmfao). Wowzas. I love my Dee!!

Okay, I was going to write a lot more people than this, but I don't really have the time right now, lmao. But an honorable mention goes to: SHANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Kai Lynn, and Heather. THANKS. Peace out, hahah.


xoxo, chrissy

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