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i will not let you go.

About Yourself
What is your full name::Christina Jane McAteer
How old are you::16
When were you born::April 14th, 1988
Where were you born::Ridgewood, NJ
What color eyes do you have::Blue
And the color of your hair?:Blonde
How tall are you::5'6"
Weight::110 the last time I checked, but according to everyone else I've lost even more weight. I HATE THIS CRAP.
Size Shoe::
Size pants::0 (Yeah, I KNOW. Another fucking pant size. What the hell is wrong with me?!)
What school do you go to::Eastern High School
What grade::11
What city do you live in::Louisville
Do you have any siblings?:Yeah
If so how many::3
boy.... girl.... ?:2 brothers, 1 sister
Roughly count how many cousins you have::25 or something? I think maybe a little more. I'm not sure.
Where is the farthest you've ever traveled::California
Where is the farthest relative you have::Anyone in NJ.
Which of your friends lives the farthest and where::Crystal. CT.
Describe yourself in one word::Chrissy
Let's see your favorites:
Color::Pink, Black, Gold, Blue, Red... LMAO.
sport::Dance, I suppose.
movie::I have NO idea, lmfao. SOOO MANY.
food::I love a lot of food. NYC pizza is amazing, though.
state::New York or California
thing in your room::My bed. Everyone that's in my room lately just goes immediately to my bed and talks about how nice it is then they take naps, lmfao.
relative::I don't have a favorite.
animal::I love 'em all.
time of the day::4:20... LMAO. So just kidding, seriously. Night time.
thing to do::Be iwith Tyler / friends. ;X
~~~About your friends~~~
Who would you say you're closest to::Tyler and Stephanie and Crystal and the Moelichs and Shannon and Heather and Kai Lynn
Knew the longest::Moelichs
funniest::ALL of us.
most friendly::Stephanie.
most outgoing::All of us.
happiest::Nobody's happy all the time, lmao.
saddest::Not sure.
most unsmart lol::Not sure
newest friend::This freshman boy named Spencer and the other one Tyler that I met last night!!
weirdest::All of them.
one you can't stand::LMAO. Some people know.
farthest away (i know i asked this already):Then read above.
most creative::Stephanie
GUY friend you like the most::Tyler
funnest::Most fun* and all of them.
most trustworthy::All of my best friends.
can't keep secrets well::Har har. I don't need to mention their names.
most talkative::Stephanie. OMFG her and the questions... LMFAO. I gotta love her though. <3 "So Chrissy... WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY HOW?!" HAHAHAHA.
one you talk to the most::Stephanie probably and Shannon
one you hang out with the most::Stephanie and Shannon
*****Best subject every1 wants to know about: BOYS!!!
do you have a boyfriend::Yessiree.
if yes what's his name::Tyler
if no, do u have a crush::N/A
if yes: what's his name:N/A
(boyfriend or crush) where did u first meet him::Online after Cameron gave him my s/n.
favorite thing about him::Everything.
how long have u liked/gone out with him::10½ months
guys in general: what's your favorite thing about them:Their cologne, lmfao. Last night, Spencer had on ADIDAS and I was like, (@*$(# I need to buy Tyler some of that now, lmfao.
What do you honestly see first in a guy looks or personality:How can I see a personality first? I'd be lying if I said that.
what was the youngest you've ever had a guy like you::What do you mean? How old was I or how old was the guy? 5 for me (this kid Matthew was like in love with me, lmfao) and the guy was 5 too!
when was your first crush::On a kid named Tyler Stabor in 2nd grade!!
first boyfriend::Nick in 3rd grade
How many serious boyfriends have u had:Tyler's my only extremely serious boyfriend, haha. Like the only one that I've loved, haha. Which loving = serious to me.
Here are some randoms, lol.
What is on your favorite pair of socks::These ones that I loser. ;(
whats your favorite snack::Spaghettios
Favorite channel::MTV or E! or VH1 or Disney or
how many pairs of jeans do you have::30, lmfao. I should be shot.
how many shoes... everyone loves shoes!::I don't know. 20 something maybe? Not that many.
which one do you like the most:JEANS. OMFG. Everyone knows I love jeans, lmfao.
favorite brand of water:Aquafina
which ice cream flavor do you think is the best::Vanilla
what about the brand::Doesn't matter.
where do you like to eat the best::O'Charlies
longest you've ever stayed awake:24+ hours
which friend comes and sleeps over most often:Hm. Tyler did when he was in KY still, lmao. Um... not sure, actually.
who's house do you go to the most (friend wise that is):Stephanie or Shannon's lately, lmao.
favorite thing to do in the summer:Sleep in.
favorite thing to do in winter:PLAY IN THE SNOW.
do you have a website:Nah.
do you like flowers:Yeaaaaah.
what's your favorite clothing brand:I don't do brands, haha.
shoe brand:ADIDAS
did u like this survey::It was alright.
wut time did u end it:2:35 PM.
did it make u less bored:Kind of.
did it make you happy!?:Nah. I wasn't sad to begin with.
are you glad it's over:Yeah.
are you bored now that it's over:Nah.
what are you gonna do about it:Nothing.
then go do it:Okay.
buh bye!: Bye.

107 questions to Find Out A Lot About Yourself brought to you by BZOINK!
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