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let go of yesterday. <3 hilary duff.

What's his name?:Tyler
How old is he?:19
When's his birthday?:November 20th
How long have you been together?:10½ months
How did you meet?:He IMed me online once after I met Cameron.
Where was your first kiss?:At the Homecoming dance last year!
What do you like about him?:Everything. ;D
Is there anything you don't like about him?:When he lies to me.
If you were to give him an award for something what would it be?:For being the one person who can ALWAYS make me smile.
How tall is he?:6'0-6'1ish?
About how much does he weigh?:Not sure. He won't tell me. I don't know if I ever really asked, either, lmao.
What color is his hair?:Light brown.
How long is his hair?:Well, it was a normal guy length before but now it's buzzed... I suppose. I'm not in the Army, so I haven't seen him, sadly.
What color are his eyes?:Blue
Does he have any tattoos or piercings?:He has his ears pierced.
What's the sweetest thing he's ever done for you?:When he skipped a party and watched MKA movies with me and just talked with me and while I had make-up streaking my face, told me I was beautiful anyway. ;D
Do you think your relationship will last forever?:I don't know... but to be honest, it'd be kind of nice. He's the only person I could stand that long, lmao.
Have you talked about marriage/kids?:Like, not seriously or anything...
Would/Do you live with him?:No I don't. I would when I'm older, sure.
Have you met his family?:Yeah. Well, his immediate family + his grandma and aunt.
What is his family like?:They're cute!! Haha.
Has he met your family?:Yeah. He practically lived with us for awhile, lmao. He IS family at our house.
Does your family like him?:Yeah, they love him... they just dislike things he does to me sometimes... but my family loves him to death.
What 5 words best describe him?:MYBESTFRIEND, beautiful, mybaby, mister, amazing
What are atleast 3 of his favorite things?:CARS, music, movies... I hope I got that right. LMAO.
Complete each statement
I love it when he::holds me.
When we're apart I::miss him terribly.
I can't stand the thought of::being without him.
I'm really hoping that::we last a long time.
I'd never::cheat on him.
With him I'm always::happy.
The greatest gift I've ever given him was::something.
The greatest gift he's ever given me was::him. ;D
I'll never be able to forget the time::any time we've spent together.
I just want him to know::that I love him and I'm SO proud of him.

About Your Boyfriend brought to you by BZOINK!
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